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Job: Director of Partnerships (Starting Volunteer)

Director of Partnerships (Starting Volunteer) 
Location: Remote (Global)
Organization: Action for Refugee Life (AReL)
Position: Part Time (6-8 hours/week)

About Us:

Action for Refugee Life (AReL) is a refugee-led social impact organization based in Kakuma refugee camp. Founded in 2022, AReL empowers refugees to achieve a sustainable and self-reliant future by providing them with essential resources, support, and skills training. As we grow and seek to amplify our impact, partnerships play a crucial role in our mission.


Position Overview:

The Director of Partnerships will play a vital role in cultivating, establishing, and maintaining strategic relationships that further our mission. We are seeking a proactive and experienced individual, who possesses exceptional communication skills, and has a knack for persuasion. 

A highly experienced candidate would guide the organization in the development of its partnership function and practices. As a visionary leader in the field of partnerships, the Director will not only manage the existing portfolio but also identify new opportunities, lead negotiations, and build long-lasting collaborations. Your expertise will be instrumental in shaping our partnership strategy and ensuring its alignment with our mission and values. 

The right candidate will have an excellent leadership history as they will be expected to play a central role in building out the Partnership team as we expand our operations.

*Note: The Director of Partnerships will be actively engaged in production tasks such as drafting proposals and creating presentations during the initial phase of their role to build and nurture relationships with potential partners. However, the goal is for the Director to build and lead a team that will ultimately manage and enhance such production, allowing for a more strategic focus on leadership and the development of partnership strategies.

The ideal candidate is either...

  1. Someone capable of building out our department from the ground up with an option to exit (or stay on in an Advisory role) once a highly functioning operation and team is installed.
  2. Someone capable of building out our department from the ground up and willing to start with limited allocation and transition into a full-time role.

Commitment and Compensation:

This role starts as a volunteer position with a time commitment between 6-8 hours a week, with plans for transitioning into a full-time role with a competitive salary and compensation package within 12-18 months (ideally sooner). The role can be remote, providing flexibility to accommodate the volunteer's schedule.


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Partnership Development: Actively seek out and identify partnership opportunities that align with AReL's mission and goals.
  2. Secure Funding: Secure funding for AReL’s numerous initiatives, with the goal of meeting or surpassing our ongoing funding requirements targets.
  3. Proposal & EOI Drafting: Craft compelling proposals, Expressions of Interest (EOIs), and other essential documents to engage potential partners.
  4. Communication: Respond promptly and professionally to partnership inquiries, ensuring that potential partners are well-informed and engaged.
  5. Database Management: Maintain and update the partnership database in our CRM, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records of all partnership activities.
  6. Strategy Creation: Develop partnership target strategies that are in line with organizational goals and market trends.
  7. Budget Management: Understand and manage budget requirements related to partnership activities.
  8. Relationship Management: Foster and maintain strong, positive relationships with all partners, ensuring their continued support and collaboration.
  9. Presentation Development: Create digital presentations and decks in line with AReL's brand guidelines to effectively communicate partnership opportunities and impacts.
  10. Internal Collaboration: Attend regularly scheduled meetings and work collaboratively across all teams to ensure alignment in all partnership activities.
  11. Team Building: As we expand, play a central role in building and leading the Partnership team.

Required Qualifications and Skills:

  1. Private & Public Sector Experience: Proven track record of working in both private and public sectors, with an understanding of the nuances and dynamics of each.
  2. Procurement & Supply Chain Understanding: Solid grasp of procurement procedures and roles within the supply chain. Ability to navigate and understand the procurement landscape to facilitate partnerships.
  3. Exceptional Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to convey ideas clearly and persuasively.
  4. Presentation Skills: Proficiency in creating digital presentations and decks that resonate with various audiences.
  5. Persuasiveness: Innate ability to persuade and engage stakeholders, bringing them on board with AReL's mission and vision.
  6. Engagement: Eager to engage both directly and socially, building connections and nurturing relationships.
  7. Fundraising: Experience in the fundraising landscape is a plus.


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