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[Journey Update] Empowering Kakuma Camp: The Inception of In-Class Training Programs for Refugees

Creating Sustainable Futures through Action for Refugee Life (AReL)

The story of refugees can often be one of despair and lost opportunities. However, with initiatives like Action for Refugee Life (AReL), a ray of hope has been ignited in the Kakuma refugee camp, providing refugees with skills, support, and sustainable futures. 


Kakuma camp and the nearby Kalobeyei settlement have a combined population of 248,929 refugees.


Our Groundbreaking Pilot Program

AReL was founded in 2022 to locate gifted refugees, equip them with marketable skills, and facilitate remote job opportunities, empowering them to become self-reliant and active participants in economically and socially viable lives. The first milestone of our journey is establishing our pilot program, focusing on our Digital Marketing course, enriched with the renowned Hubspot Digital Marketing curriculum. 

The center, equipped with solar electricity, can accommodate 20 to 25 students and power 15 to 20 laptops, with internet connectivity for 10 to 15 devices. This infrastructure, complemented by our rich curriculum and hands-on exercises, provides refugees with a comprehensive learning experience in digital marketing. We invite international expert guest instructors to share industry insights, contributing to a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. 
In this article, we'll share our journey to establish a center and provide some spoilers for how well the program is performing.

Challenges: Overcoming Challenges with Resolve and Support

Setting up this initiative took a lot of work. Our CEO, Kiza Mauridi, recalls having to use every resource at his disposal to launch this program. "I had to use every coin I owned to ensure everything ran smoothly in running the project's pilot. With the support of some of my team members and a friend called Iwein, we renovated the room we are presently using, bought furniture, three solar panels, two batteries, an inverter, and extension cables, and subscribed to the Airtel internet. I had to use my network to see who would be the instructors with expertise in Digital marketing, data analysis, and web development. I met with David, Anselm, and Amisi, who are ready to volunteer to instruct our refugee students."

With support from the AReL team, Kiza renovated a room, installed solar panels, and set up internet connectivity. His network of connections was vital in finding qualified instructors to deliver the course.

Our Operations Assistant, Yaredi Eninga, recounts what started as a casual idea that soon revealed the challenges of creating an organization in a refugee camp from scratch. Despite initial hurdles and newly formed roles, the team's dedication and readiness to learn have set AReL on the path to achieving its missions and goals.

Successes: Charting Success and Transforming Lives

The efforts and investments have started bearing fruit. As per Kiza, the success of AReL's program is evident in three measurable dimensions; we will share our data in an upcoming performance report. Among the KPIs is the number of refugees acquiring marketable on-job skills. 

We receive regular positive feedback from students and their active engagement in the program, from attending classes to completing assignments. When Kiza asks the students how the lessons are going, they always respond, "We are enjoying it and have started acquiring knowledge in Content Marketing and Web design." 


"I have seen others coming to the center to do their assignment when there are no classes," Kiza notes. And "others organize one-on-one meetings with the instructor. And all these are signs the project is filling a gap that has existed for years."

Yaredi notes the high demand for learning from the refugee and host community as a significant success.


"The center, open from Monday to Friday, is bustling with students eager to learn and grow, emphasizing the impact of AReL's program."


In the brief span since its inception, Action for Refugee Life (AReL) has embarked on an inspiring journey of social transformation in the Kakuma refugee camp. What started as an ambitious vision in 2022 to empower refugees with sustainable skills and opportunities has taken tangible form today in the pilot training program.

The road, however, was filled with trials. Our founder, Kiza, spearheaded the efforts to get the project off the ground, leveraging every resource at his disposal. Despite the lack of adequate funds, our team's unwavering commitment resulted in the renovation of a classroom, installing solar panels for electricity, and establishing internet connectivity. We even successfully enlisted the help of global professionals and expert instructors to deliver a robust and practical curriculum that aims to prepare them for the international and cross-border experience in the market.

And as we began to settle into the rhythm of our operations, the fruits of our labor became increasingly evident. Our pilot program, focusing on Digital Marketing, has seen enthusiastic participation from the refugee communities. We are moved by the diligence and motivation of our students, who engage in their lessons and assignments with an energy that speaks volumes about their hunger for knowledge and their aspirations for a better future.

This is merely the first step in our journey of transforming lives. We are hopeful and excited about the many possibilities for the refugee community in Kakuma camp and beyond. We anticipate the challenges we'll face, but we also look forward to celebrating the triumphs that will inevitably come our way.


What's Next?

We will begin registration for our first training course in Digital Marketing. Students will then be assessed for program placement and enrolled into either a morning or afternoon cohort.


We are committed to updating you on our progress as we continue this journey. We believe in the power of community and collective effort to make a lasting impact. Therefore, we invite you to join us, to follow our story, to learn about our successes and the obstacles we overcome. Your engagement, be it moral, monetary, or voluntary, can help shape the trajectory of our mission and amplify the social impact we strive to make.

Visit our "Join Us" webpage to discover how you can participate in this transformative journey and create sustainable and self-reliant futures for the refugee community. Let's create a world where refugees are not merely surviving but thriving.

To discover ways to get involved with us, visit our  "Join Us"webpage today.

[Journey Update] Taking Strides Forward: Completion of Student Registration and Induction

Action for Refugee Life Celebrates a Key Milestone in its Journey Towards Sustainable Impact

In the continuous effort to provide refugees support and foster sustainability, Action for Refugee Life (AReL) is thrilled to announce the completion of student registration and induction for our pilot program. This achievement marks another significant milestone in our commitment to creating lasting social impact within the Kakuma refugee camp.


For our first pilot, we registered 246 students eager to join our Digital Marketing cohort for morning and afternoon sessions.

Challenges: Infrastructure and resources continue to be significant constraints.

Despite our earnest commitment and relentless drive, the journey toward this milestone was difficult. Our initial plan was to launch the first class of our pilot program on 3rd July, a deadline set with optimism and determination. However, needing more financial support proved a stumbling block in our path.

Our student recruitment drive, launched on 13th June, met with an overwhelming response, reinforcing our belief in the latent potential within the refugee community. Out of the numerous applications, 56 promising candidates were shortlisted. The induction and English comprehension test, a prerequisite for our English-mediated program, was conducted on 29th June.


Our CEO, Kiza Mauridi notes, "Despite considerable planning and effort, the ever-persistent power shortages and inadequate internet bandwidth posed significant hurdles to our teaching methodology."

In addition, to ensure that the project bears fruit, we recognized the importance of supporting and enabling our instructors to do their best work.


Successes: Prevailing with determination.

Kiza observes "The overwhelming response from the students and instructors fills me with immense pride and drives my resolve to push through any barriers we may encounter."

We registered 246 students for our first pilot training course in Digital Marketing.


For program placement, 40 of these students have now advanced into two cohorts, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

This milestone in AReL's journey is a testament to the resilience and commitment of our team, the instructors, and the students. Despite our challenges, from financial constraints to logistical issues, we remained undeterred in our mission. We navigated these obstacles with resourcefulness and determination, paving the way for completing student registration and induction.

We remain thankful to Hubspot Academy for their thought leadership and free Digital Marketing course that remains a benchmark certification across industries. 


What's Next:

We prepare for our first classroom lessons in the center. This will be a significant milestone achievement that officially brings our pilot program to life. 



The journey of AReL is a story of aspiration, resilience, and transformation. As we celebrate this milestone, we remain aware that our journey is far from over. We eagerly look forward to the strides we will continue to make in fostering sustainability and creating a lasting social impact in the Kakuma refugee camp.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Stay updated with our progress, share our challenges, and celebrate our successes. Your engagement can make a significant difference in this transformative journey.

Head to our "Join Us" page to discover how to get involved.

[Journey Update] Pilot Classes Officially Launched for Refugees In Kakuma Camp

Action for Refugee Life Conducts its First Lessons for Digital Marketing Training Course, powered with Hubspot Curriculum.

In a landmark moment for the Kakuma refugee camp, Action for Refugee Life (AReL) officially launches its Digital Marketing Training Course for refugees. Our program signals the start of a new journey for many hopeful students. It marks a key milestone in our mission to empower the refugee community. 


In our first pilot, we have 40 students regularly attending lessons in our Digital Marketing course with a morning and afternoon cohort.

Challenges: Ensuring access to AReL as a resource to a large community.

Upon the completion of induction, students were given the flexibility to choose their preferred session - morning or afternoon, keeping in mind their other commitments. 


However, Kiza Mauridi, CEO notes, "One challenge that quickly surfaced was the vast distances some students had to cover to reach the center. Although we envisaged this program to be in person to nurture a collaborative learning environment, the students' realities necessitated a rethink."

To be inclusive and cater to the broader community, we adapted our approach to allow students to attend classes online.


Successes: Celebrating Progress - A Digital Community Begins To Form

Despite the adaptations, attendance has remained the same. Student participation has been robust, with active involvement and consistent assignment submissions marking the third week of our digital classes. The eagerness to learn is palpable, with students spending their entire day at the center or heading straight over after their work days. They are eager to put their newly-acquired digital marketing skills to practice. Their dedication is a testament to their resolve to better their lives but also highlights the camp's scarcity of services, resources, and initiatives.


Summary: A Remarkable Journey - From Aspirations to Achievements

AReL's journey in setting up the Digital Marketing Training Course for refugees at Kakuma camp has been rewarding and challenging. Every step has required resilience and creativity, from program placement to adapting our strategies to better suit our students' needs. The successful launch of our pilot classes is a testament to our commitment and the aspirational spirit of our students. 


What's Next?

We will be preparing for graduation of the first cohort and preparing launch of our next training course in Data Analysis (currently planned for Sept, 2023) 



Our story is one of unwavering commitment and transformative change. With each new class, we're shaping the future, one student at a time. However, we need help. With your support, we can widen our reach and deepen our impact. We invite organizations, companies, and individuals to join us in this endeavor to achieve our vision. 

You can visit our "Join Us" page to learn how you can contribute to this impactful project. Join us as we empower refugees with the skills needed for a sustainable and self-reliant future.

[Journey Update] AReL Scaling Up In Kakuma Refugee Camp (Kenya) - Construction Of Two New Classrooms And An Office

Greetings to our cherished community! We are delighted to bring some exciting news from the heart of Kakuma refugee camp. Kakuma has become a beacon of hope and transformation for many. As Action for Refugee Life (AReL) continues its mission, we've been met with an opportunity that promises to magnify our impact: a green light from Jenga Maisha Company Limited, granting us the privilege to expand our infrastructure.

Video: An up-close look at the construction expansion of two classrooms and an office at the AReL center located in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Turkana County, Kenya (pre-build, mid-build, and completion).


Building Today for Tomorrow's Leaders

With the kind permission of Jenga Maisha Company Limited, we are expanding our horizons, quite literally. As we witness an increasing demand for education and the endless enthusiasm of the Kakuma community, it becomes clear that scaling up our infrastructure is the next pivotal step. In response, we've begun the construction of two additional classrooms, creating spaces that inspire learning and foster community.

This expansion is more than just a response to demand—it symbolizes AReL's promise to remain adaptable and responsive to the needs of our community. As we grow, so does our commitment to ensuring that every refugee in Kakuma has access to quality education within conducive environments.


The Operational Anchor: Proximity Powers Agility in AReL's Mission

In conjunction with developing new classrooms, we are actively renovating a designated space for administrative purposes. This dedicated office will efficiently handle the day-to-day operational needs, ensuring that classroom spaces remain exclusively for instruction and learning. By addressing administrative matters in this separate space, we optimize our valuable classroom spaces, ensuring they stay dedicated venues for knowledge and growth. This careful segregation underlines our commitment to offering an unobstructed learning environment for our students.

Our on-campus presence is a distinguishing strength for AReL. Being close to our students fosters a sense of community and grants us unparalleled agility in addressing real-time challenges. Whether it's swiftly rectifying internet connectivity glitches, ensuring a consistent power supply, or maintaining the security and integrity of our learning center, our proximity allows us to act promptly and efficiently. By embedding on-the-ground operational support within the heart of the camp, we ensure a seamless learning experience for our students, showcasing our unwavering commitment to their growth and well-being.

Reflecting on Our Journey

Every milestone reached is a testament to our adaptability and relentless drive, from the inception of our in-class training programs to the strides we've made with our Digital Marketing Training Courses powered with Hubspot curriculum. With our expanded facilities, we're set to accommodate our growth, ensuring that our impact scales alongside our ambitions.


Be Part of Our Story - Invitation to Growth

While our infrastructure physically grows, the spirit and mission of AReL remain anchored in community and collaboration -  it's the community's belief and support that genuinely builds AReL. Your unwavering support has been instrumental in every step forward. As we expand our footprint, we hope you'll continue to walk alongside us.

Your role in this journey has been invaluable to all our partners, supporters, and believers. Whether you're a company keen on partnership, a dedicated volunteer, or a generous benefactor, each of you plays a role in sculpting the future of Kakuma's refugees. Whether you are a company looking to collaborate, an individual wanting to volunteer, or someone willing to offer financial support, your contribution can make waves of change.

We stand firm in our belief that education is the cornerstone of progress. With our expanding facilities and courses, AReL ensures that the young refugees in Kakuma have the tools to shape their futures.

Thank you for standing with us, believing in our vision, and being an integral part of the AReL family. Together, we are not just constructing buildings but also architecting dreams.

Visit our Partners page to discover ways you can get involved.