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Student Transportation Fund

Help Refugee Women Get To And From Our Learning Center

Student Laptops Fund

Empower Refugee Students With Access To Essential Technology

Local Instructors Fund

Empowering Through Local Instructors - Your Support Uplifts Both Students And Their Teachers.

Student Transportation Fund

Help Refugee Women Get To and From Our Learning Center

At AReL, we are committed to removing barriers and fostering inclusive education for all. Through a comprehensive needs assessment, we've gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by students participating in our digital courses at the physical center in Kakuma Refugee Camp.

Our data-driven approach, informed by empirical insights from our successful pilot program in late 2023, highlights a significant hurdle for many women: transportation. Many female students encounter difficulties getting to and from our learning center, hindering their access to education. To address this, we've launched the Student Transportation Fund, seeking support to ensure that transportation barriers don't limit the educational opportunities for refugee women. Your contribution of $20 can sponsor a refugee woman's full month of transportation, making a tangible impact on her ability to engage in our transformative digital courses.

  • Cost per student = $20/mo
  • Semester Length (months transportation needed) = 5 months
  • Number of students = 60 students

$6,000 ($100/per student)

$20 sponsors a refugee woman's full month of transportation.

Consider sponsoring a full month with a $20 donation, or a full 5-month semester at $100.

Student Laptops Fund

Empower Refugee Students with Access to Essential Technology: Bridge the Digital Divide.

Unlocking Opportunities with Technology: The Student Laptops Fund is a crucial initiative to provide refugee students with essential tools for practical learning. Laptops not only support classroom activities but also empower students to gain hands-on experience vital for skill retention. Additionally, when our learning center is equipped with laptops, it transforms into a valuable resource hub, allowing students to extend their learning beyond scheduled hours. Your support ensures that each student has the means to connect with the digital world and pursue continuous education.

  • Number of students = 30 Students

  • Classroom Workstations = 30 Workstations

  • Cost Per Laptop - $200

$6,000 (per Classroom)

$50 covers a quarter of the cost for a student to have a laptop

Consider a $200 donation to sponsor the full cost of a laptop for a student.

Local Instructors Fund

Empowering through local Instructors - Your support uplifts both students and their teachers.

The Local Instructors Fund is a pivotal initiative at AReL, aiming to enhance the learning experience for refugee students by bringing in local professionals as instructors who can intimately relate to the struggles of the students. Our emphasis on proximity creates a unique educational environment where students can closely connect with instructors who understand their challenges.

This approach not only improves the facilitation of lessons but also significantly enhances student retention. Having instructors who share their backgrounds serves as inspiration, inspires mentorship, and drives transformative impact that goes beyond conventional education. Your contribution to this fund helps create meaningful connections and fosters an environment where students can thrive and excel.

  • Number of Instructors = 2 Instructors

  • Semester Length (Months prepping and facilitating lessons) = 6 months

  • Componsation per month = $150

$1,800 ($900/per Instructor)

$150 covers the full month sponsorship of a local Instructor

Consider a $900 sponsorship to empower a local instructor for a full semester. Small donations of $20, etc. are also well received.