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Our Programs

Nurturing Digital Skills and Entrepreneurship Among Refugees

Through our integrated approach, we offer specialized digital training, connect refugees with global employment opportunities, and facilitate access to essential financial resources.

Digital and Business Training Programs

Programs aim to provide refugees with training in various areas. These areas include digital marketing, web development and coding, data analytics, foundational business and entrepreneurship education.

Remote Job Opportunities

The Remote Job Opportunities program involves creating a database of refugees who possess a range of digital skills. Once the database has been compiled, the program will connect these refugees with global hiring companies that are seeking employees with these specific skills. The program will also involve partnering with hiring companies to place trained refugees in relevant positions.

Business Development Support

Our program aims to support refugees who have completed the training program and secured employment or started their own businesses. The ongoing support helps these individuals maintain their employment or grow their businesses. Additionally, the program seeks to connect these individuals with funding opportunities, such as grants or loans, that can help them further develop their own businesses.

Our Outcomes

Empowering Refugees Through Skills Training, Job Placements, and Entrepreneurship

Our programs educate refugees in key digital and business sectors, facilitate their hiring in remote job opportunities, and foster the growth of entrepreneurial ventures, driving economic self-sufficiency and community impact.

Trained Refugees

Our Digital and Business Training Programs provide refugees with education in various domains, including Digital Marketing, Web Development, Data Analytics, and foundational Business and Entrepreneurship. The program empowers refugees with valuable skills and knowledge, fostering self-sufficiency and facilitating successful careers in the digital and business sectors.

Hired Refugees

The Remote Job Opportunities program curates a database of skilled refugees, including graduates from our programs and those already possessing degrees, diplomas, or certifications. By connecting these refugees with global companies seeking specific skills, the program promotes economic self-sufficiency. We partner with hiring companies to place trained refugees in relevant positions, opening avenues for remote job opportunities.


Refugees leverage earnings from job placements or introduce innovative ideas to initiate or scale their businesses. This result signifies the ultimate empowerment of refugees, fulfilling economic needs and creating a sustainable livelihood through entrepreneurship. This not only elevates the individual's standard of living, but also positively impacts their communities and contributes to local economic growth.